User experience design

UI to UX and beyond...

I started my professional life as a UI Designer for a software development company called OpenCRM. Here I learnt valuable skills in how to design modern, clean and usable interfaces. Since then I have continued to develop my UX skills to help strengthen my approach and improve the quality of my designs. Using a more structured analytical process, I find I can be more informed about how the User feels in my designs, removing a lot of the gueswork.

With over a decade of experience designing websites and web applications, Abi can help lead a design project from start to finish.

Design in practice

By asking the right questions at the right time from stakeholders, the team and the users, each design stays on focus and well-managed.

My process involves using rapid prototyping, thorough communication with my team, problem analysis, storyboarding, and LR/HR mockups, to produce the best designs for the project.

UX design to me has come to mean helping out with all aspects of visual and interactive design the user experiences within a product or company service offering. I enjoy a variety of design projects as you can see from my varied portfolio.

Examples of her work