Case Study

OpenCRM - V4

Abi has been working for OpenCRM for over 3 years. Whilst there she has learnt a huge amount about working within the software development industry. 

Originally working as a Project Manager helping implement the CRM software into a variety of businesses from different industries, her experience has helped her to empathise with their clients day to day life and help provide them with solutions to their business requirements. 

After this, she was given the opportunity to progress and use her creative talents; working as their Multimedia and Interface Designer. Within this role she is responsible for everything customer facing, including designing the next version of the CRM product 'OpenCRM V4'.

From the early stages of the process working with management on wire framing and concept development, through to the detailed designs and style guides which she uses daily with the developers, she has redesigned every inch of the vast and intelligent software interface.

The main focus in the design for OpenCRM V.4 has been to put User Experience first; over the years the team have developed such solid product functionality wise, but Users are savvy and expectations are higher than ever these days. V4 needs to be accessible to all of their client base so they can streamline their business workflows seamlessly, from anywhere, anytime. To do this they have stripped out clunky navigation, excessive data displays and overwhelming options, and given the interface a cleaner, more direct, fresher look.

The product itself is still under construction which means that it is not easy to provide examples of her work, but please take a look at the ‘sneak-peek’ video which should give you a quick (and fun) tour of her early designs. Also the locked Case Study. If you would like to see more designs this can be arranged but due to the sensitivity of the ongoing project this would need to go through management to sign off disclosing these to any external party. Please do get in touch though as their is 3 years worth of excellent UX/UI design examples just waiting to be seen!

Advertisement Video

Case Study PDF - A glimpse at the way Abi works

Design Stages:

Here is an outline of the aims and key points in the design process:

  • Set up a Project Plan (using our CRM software 'V3') to manage the design process, hold supporting documents and collate any relevant communications in one place.
  • Research:
    • Familiarisation of the competition
    • Look into other design concepts - Swiss Style Design, Metro, UI Design today, design pioneers across different design practices.
    • Think about style, UX and layouts
    • AJAX code research / Animation for web
  • Develop ideas and designs for all interface components and features
  • Lead design critique meetings with main management
  • Develop ideas/designs from feedback
  • Consider designs for multiple devices
  • Icon design
  • Present designs to developers and staff
  • Organise all design files
  • Check all designs for consistency
  • Annotate instructions for dimensions, fonts, UX intentions, UI features, colours, and design rules
  • Create a design style guide
  • Collate icon designs - SVGs in Fontastic
  • Communicate the designs to the Technical Director and developers
  • Work with and guide developers through the different elements of the build process to achieve realistic targets and results
  • As and when needed, critique and test work, re-work areas of the design when limitations are reached or conflicts arise

Software Skills

Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Edge Animate, Muse, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Flash, Acrobat Pro, Lightroom

Joomla & Wordpress

Microsoft Office

Autodesk Maya (3D modelling)

Final Cut Pro



Google Analytics

Fontastic/Pixlr/Email on Acid/Wishpond (& many more handy online tools!)